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Recent examples of collaboration

Two news stories in the last couple of weeks show the changes in collaboration

1.      China is demanding that companies form minority joint ventures in order to sell xEV vehicles in China.  Interesting how this forced collaboration will play out.  Clearly non Chinese companies want to protect their intellectual property and the aim of the directive is to share with their Chinese partners the technology.  

Since China has a porous system for protecting IP that would be something to discuss

2.     Toyota is talking to Daimler about sharing xEV technology.  In the past OEM’s have jointly developed engines and often whole vehicles.  Traditionally electronics and motors have been provided by suppliers.  Clearly many of the major OEM’s want to make these components since they are fundamental to their future.  

Are we coing to see more collaborations between OEM’s or is this a temporary phenomenon until/if the xEV market really takes off.

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